外国人(がいこくじん)のための相談(そうだん)サービス(さーびす) Free Information & Support for Foreign Residents

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■場所(ばしょ):Community Life 事務局(じむきょく)
松山市(まつやまし)雄郡(ゆうぐん)2-8-25 ビッグローブ(びっぐろーぶ)雄郡(ゆうぐん)201
NPO Community Life TEL: 089-906-1207 FAX: 089-906-4968
            E-mail:  foreignerfriendly★gmail.com ※★を@に変(か)えて、E-mailを送(おく)ってください。

=== この活動は(公財)愛媛県国際交流協会の2019年度「多文化共生事業等助成金」を受けて、実施しています ===

We will start a consultation service to respond to the daily lives of foreign resident.
Consultation is fere. We will keep your secret.

■Contents: Life & Work, Health & Education
■Date: Please contact our counseling staff in advance
■Place: Community Life Office or other Convenient Place
■Address: Biggrobe Yugun 201, Yugun Matsuyama
■Available Languages: Japanese and English
*It it will be difficult to communicate in either Japanese or English, please let us know in advance.
■Fee: Free
■How to support: Support is offered on a case by case basis, and depends on the concerns or challenges discussed during your consultation.
★Contact: NPO Community Life TEL: 089-906-1207 FAX: 089-906-4968 E-mail: foreignerfriendly★gmail.com ※Please change ★ into @ when you send email.

== This Activity is Run by the EPIC Subsidy for Multicultural Exchange Activities Project ==



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