Cherry Blossom Viewing and Outdoor Tea Ceremony (Imabari)

Come enjoy cherry blossom viewing with people from various countries residing in Ehime!
Aside from spaces to enjoy tea, games and lotteries will also be present to enjoy!

■Date: 4/21 (Sun) 11:00-14:00
■Place: Near Shimin no Mori Flower Park Azumaya
■Address: 662-1 Yamaji, Imabari
■Number or Participants: about 80
■Participation Fee: 800 yen(for foreigners)
※The fees for lunch and a drink, as well as the tea ceremony ticket are included in the participation fee.
※The fee can be changed 300 yen for a person who need not lunch, it’s included in the tea ceremony ticket and the participation fee.
■Deadline: 4/18 (Thur)
<In case of rain>
Only the tea ceremony will be held.
■Place: 4th floor, Ailand Imabari
■Address: 1-9-8 Minamihoraicho, Imabari
★Contact: Imabari City International Exchange Assosiation
TEL/FAX: 0898-34-5763 E-mail: info★iciea.jp ※Please change ★ into @ when you send an e-mail.

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