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The Ehime Prefecture International Center will provide information on events and international exchange activities throughout the prefecture in the "EPIC Mail Magazine."
Let's check nearby International activities through the "EPIC Mail Magazine"!
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  • Section 1  The EPIC Mail Magazine
    The EPIC Mail Magazine is an electronic magazine distributed by the Ehime Prefecture International Center in order to promote a multicultural society and provide information on international activities and living information that is beneficial to local foreigners.
    EPIC will send the mail magazine once per month free-of-charge to individuals who have applied to receive the magazine (hereon referred to as "users") through e-mail.
  • Section 2  Terms of Use
    This agreement concerns the use of the "EPIC Mail Magazine". To use the "EPIC Mail Magazine," users must agree to the terms of use and send in an application. This agreement will be updated as necessary. The most recent version of the terms of use is available at EPIC's website. Users should confirm the most recent version of the agreement.
  • Section 3  Applying for Use
    (1)Prospective users may apply for use of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" through a method specified by EPIC.
    (2)「The computer, modem or other device used by the user to access the "EPIC Mail Magazine" should be provided by the user.
    If a connection is difficult due to a mismatch in the equipment of EPIC and that of the user, EPIC does not have a responsibility to make a connection possible.
    (3)Should there be changes in the user's details after applying, they should apply to change their details as fast as possible.
    (4)Users can terminate their use of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" at any time through the specified medium.
  • Section 4  Copyrights
    (1)The copyright to the "EPIC Mail Magazine" belongs to EPIC.
    2)The "EPIC Mail Magazine" is protected under copyright law, and the reprinting, duplication, modification, broadcasting, distribution and publishing of the mail magazine partially or in its entirety is prohibited.
    (3)The "EPIC Mail Magazine" is distributed for the personal use of users only. Distributing or passing on ownership to a third party is prohibited. Using the "EPIC Mail Magazine" for commercial purposes is also prohibited.
  • Section 5 Restrictions
    The "EPIC Mail Magazine" is for the purpose of individual use. It cannot be used as an address on a mailing list or for commercial purposes.
  • Section 6  Termination of Distribution
    (1)The distribution of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" can be terminated at any time by the discretion of EPIC.
    (2)EPIC is not responsible for matters affected by the termination of the "EPIC Mail Magazine".
    (3)EPIC may temporarily suspend services of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" due to server/software maintenance and management or due to issues from disasters, force majeure, labor disputes, etc.
    (4)Should the user break the terms of use in this agreement, EPIC may terminate the distribution of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" to the user without notice.
    (5)Should the user input false information in their application, EPIC may terminate the distribution of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" to the user without notice.
    (6)Should multiple cases of error messages arise when EPIC sends the mail magazine to the user's registered e-mail, EPIC may terminate the distribution of the "EPIC Mail Magazine" to the user without notice.
  • Section 7  Disclaimer
    (1)EPIC is not responsible for any effects influenced by the details of the "EPIC Mail Magazine".
    (2)EPIC will provide accurate information in the "EPIC Mail Magazine", but cannot guarantee complete and accurate information in times of emergency or fluid news.
    (3)EPIC is not responsible for any issues caused by the "EPIC Mail Magazine" being delayed or not received.
    (4)EPIC is not responsible for any issues caused by a user inputting false information into an application and causing damages to a third party.
  • Section 8  Use of Personal Information
    (1)The information of users when applying or updating their information for the "EPIC Mail Magazine" will be used according the "Ehime Prefecture International Center Privacy Policy".
    (2)The use of a user's e-mail will be limited to providing information for this service and for surveys concerning this service. However, other personal information that does not identify the user may be used as data to analyze or review this service.
  • Section 9  Other
    (1)The "EPIC Mail Magazine" is designed to be viewed through a computer or cellular phone. However, it is not optimal use is guaranteed that in all environments or through all devices. (2)Users cannot provide their opinions or requests by responding to the "EPIC Mail Magazine" notification.

    Supplementary Rules
    These terms will be enforced on April 1, 2020
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