2019 年ハワイサマーインターン生 リリアン・マキンタイヤー






Hello! I’m Lillian McIntyre. I was born in Alaska, but I’m currently at the University of Hawaii. My majors are Japanese and art. What lead me to study Japanese was, something I’m sure that you’re all familiar with, the famous Pokémon series. In high school I taught English to high school students from Kobe, and then in college I used a significant amount of Japanese for a volunteer project to protect sea turtles, and I want to continue to polish my Japanese from here on. Being able to come to Ehime now is a huge chance for me.

In regard to art, I’m studying traditional Italian oil painting as well as more modern digital paint. My portfolio can be found here: www.theorangelord.com

As for what I want to do in Matsuyama, personally, I want to draw various different places. I actually bought a new sketchbook, so I want to fill it up with what I experience here in Ehime. For example, I want to draw the park around Matsuyama Castle that I can see from my apartment, and I want to draw the older buildings in the city that are not particularly well-known. As an intern from Hawaii, I want to bring knowledge about Hawaii’s seaweed. There are over 20 types of Hawaiian seaweed. They’re used normally in Hawaiian cuisine, but there are also special uses for it. For example, there is a ceremony where when someone in a family does something bad, the guilty party gathers seaweed, then everyone gathers in a home and eats kala limu and forgives and resolves the wrongs that were committed. This is a very unique usage, so I wanted to introduce it.

When I think of the responsibilities of an intern from Hawaii, it makes me want to work together with everyone.

It’s nice to meet you!

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