第5回 しこちゅ~国際交流フェスタ 参加者募集! International Exchange Festa



■日  時:2月3日(日)13:30~16:00 受付13:00~
■場  所:四国中央市福祉会館 4階 多目的ホール
■参 加 費:無料
TEL: 0896-28-6014
E-mail: sifa★city.shikokuchuo.ehime.jp ※★を@に変えてください。


This is an exchange event for foreigners and Japanese that live in Shikokuchuo.
Come experience the food and culture of various countries.

■Place: Multipurpose Hall on the 4th floor of the Shikokuchuo Welfare Center
■Address:4-6 Mishima Miyagawa, Shikokuchuo
■Otjer: Everyone should bring one dish or snack with them. This can be a store bought item as well.
★E-mail: sifa★city.shikokuchuo.ehime.jp ※Please change ★ into @ when you send a messange.

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