国際交流 七夕ゆかたパーティ 参加者募集! Tanabata Yukata Party


■日  時:7月1日(日)13:00~15:00
■場  所:新居浜市ウィメンズプラザ 3階
■対  象:外国籍の方
■参 加 費:大人1人 500円(軽食・飲み物付き)
英語で話したい人→TEL: 090-4781-9411(日野)
→TEL: 090-1004-4400(安部)
中国語で話したい人→TEL: 080-6284-8840(野田)

Come wear a yukata and enjoy viewing Tanabata ornaments as well as playing games and talking with others!
Any foreigners interested are welcome to join!

■Date: 7/1(Sun)13:00-15:00
※The changing room can be used from 11:00.
■Location: Niihama City Women’s Plaza 3rd Floor
(Address: 4-4-19 Shonaicho, Niihama)
※A room on the second floor is open for those who need to change.
■Target: Residents with foreign citizenship
■Participation Fee: 1 Adult 500 Yen(Light food and drink included)
※Individuals who borrow a yukata will also need to pay a 750 Yen cleaning fee
■Application Deadline: 6/16(Sat)
★Contact:Niihama Guide Club
For those who prefer to speak in English
TEL: 090-4781-9411(Hino) or 090-1004-4400(Abe)
For those who prefer to speak Chinese
TEL: 080-6284-8840(Noda)


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