外国人(がいこくじん)のための和菓子(わがし)教室(きょうしつ) 中止(ちゅうし)のお知らせ ( canceled )

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan, this event is canceled.

TEL:089-917-5678 FAX:089-917-5670
E-mail: nihongo★epic.or.jp ※★を@に変えてお送りください。

We will be holding an optional fieldwork activity, “Japanese Group Learning,” to help foreigners utilize Japanese they have learned in small groups.
We welcome you to come interact with Japanese locals using your Japanese skills.

■Date: 3/28/2020 (Sat) 13:30-16:00
■Place:Matsuyama Gender Equality Promotion Center (COMS)3rd Floor Kitchen
■Address: 6-4-20 Sanbancho, Matsuyama
■Details: We will be learning the characteristics of and how to make Japanese sweets together with a Japanese teacher. We will also provide the chance for foreigners participating to introduce snacks from their own home country in Japanese to practice their communication.
■Target: Foreign Residents 25 total
※Once the capacity for participants is reached, the reception desk will close. However, as long as there are no issues running the event,participants may still join even if capacity has been reached.
■Participation Fee: 300 Yen per person
■What to Bring: Apron, hand towel, triangle bandages
■Teacher: Seiji Hayashi(Rinsendo Owner), Tamaka Yamamoto and other volunteer teachers (Japanese class for foreigners) ■How to Apply: Please send in the designated application to the contact listed below. Name, Nationality, TEL Number and e-mail address.
■Where to Send Application :Ehime Prefecture International Center
TEL:089-917-5678 FAX:089-917-5670
E-mail:nihongo★epic.or.jp(Representative:Ito) ※★を@に変えてお送りください。





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