Let’s enjoy a hike to Mt. Kamegamori and a tour of the Asahi Brewery!

ELIS (English Language Intercultural Communication in Saijo), a volunteer group for international exchange, is holding an event combining mountain hiking and a tour of the Asahi Brewery. Let’s refresh ourselves on a summer day!
Mt. Kamegamori is part of the Ishizuchi mountain range. While the summit is 1,897 meters in height, the actual hike is only a fraction of it. So, we can climb to the peak within an hour. Mt. Kamegamori is famous for its natural beauty and superb panoramic view.

Asahi Breweries is one of Japan’s leading beer makers. Making use of Saijo’s excellent quality water, its Shikoku brewery in Saijo produces ‘Asahi Super Dry’, the most popular beer in Japan. After climbing Mt. Kamegamori, we will head to the Asahi Brewery to enjoy a guided tour in English or in Japanese (30-40 minutes) and beer tasting (20 minutes).
■Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019
■Meeting time: 7:40-8:00 a.m.   Starting time: 8:00am
■Gathering place: Parking lot of Railroad History Park (North) which is on the east side of Iyo-Saijo Station (JR). Please be punctual!
■Fee: 500 yen per person (insurance premium).
■Deadline for signing up: Tuesday, August 20. Please give us in advance your address, phone number, gender, age, and occupation for insurance purposes.
■Number of participants: 15 max. First come, first served.
■Please bring your own lunch, drinks, and rainwear.
■If you wish to enjoy a home-stay over the previous night in Saijo, we can arrange a host family for you.
■(Rough time schedule: Departure 8:00, Lunch on the peak 11:30, Descent from the top 12:00, Arrival at Asahi 14:50, Departing Asahi 17:00).
Special remarks: If bad weather is in the forecast and the event has to be canceled, we will inform all the participants on Thursday, August 22.
★Contact: Mr. Hiro Kondo E-mail: jintenghaoxing★yahoo.co.jp
Ms. Ayumi Fukuda Email: ayumijpn★i.softbank.jp
*Please change ★ into @ when you send an e-mail.
Just in case, on the day of the hike: Mr. Kondo (cell phone 080-6393-4531)





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